Our Mission

Medicine has made tremendous progress over the past 25 years. Part of this progress includes new diagnostic tools and new medications to treat illness. Yet many people find that today’s doctors are less involved with the emotional aspects of their patients’ lives. At Chevy Chase Pediatrics, we work hard to keep ourselves updated on the latest medical advances. At the same time, however, we pride ourselves in our ability to take care of the whole child. Each child in our practice has his or her own doctor. This continuity of care enables us to really know our families and to provide excellent care of our patients from birth through adolescence. Our Philosophy

We take the time to make every visit as pleasant as possible for our patients. Our kids love the LEGO sculptures that fill the office and the plastic climber that adorns our waiting room. We know that children are often worried about seeing the doctor, especially if they need shots or blood tests. We have two DVD players that children can watch during painful procedures. In addition, our nurses developed a technique called “tag team shots” that reduces the pain of immunizations. If a child needs two shots, we give them simultaneously, which eliminates the anxiety and pain of getting the second shot.

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