Office News and Updates

  • 11/15/14 Morning Call Hours Update Please note that as of Nov 15, Dr. de la Croix-Vaubois has discontinued morning call in time. Patients who need to get in contact should email Dr. de la Croix-Vaubois directly, or call the regular office number.
  • 4/01/14 Dr. Bennett's Site Patients are welcomed to check out the latest on Dr. Bennett's personal website,, which has frequent posts including fun stuff for kids as well as a blog and medical information for parents.
  • 4/27/13 HPV Vaccine for Boys. We have been giving the HPV vaccine (human papilloma virus) to our female patients for the past five years. The Centers for Disease Control and American Academy of Pediatrics recently recommended that adolescent and young adult males get the vaccine as well. We instituted this policy in July of 2011.
  • 4/27/13 Adult Booster Shots. Adolescents have received tetanus/diphtheria booster shots (Td) for decades. In 2005, we started giving pertussis (whooping cough) boosters to our teenage patients. This decision was based on research that showed childhood immunity to pertussis waned during adolescence. The vaccine is called Tdap and is usually given at the 11-year-old physical. It protects against diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis. Adults are at risk to get pertussis as well and are more likely to spread the infection to infants. In 2005, the CDC recommended the routine use of a single dose of Tdap for adults 19-64 years of age to replace the next booster shot for tetanus and diphtheria (Td). The CDC recommended getting a Tdap sooner for adults that have close contact with infants less than 12 months of age. In 2010, there was an outbreak of pertussis in California that claimed the lives of several infants. This has led to a renewed interest in vaccinating adults against this serious and highly contagious disease. The best place for parents to get a Tdap is from their own doctors. However, if this cannot be arranged, we will give you the vaccination in our office. You can schedule a nurse’s visit to get the shot or we can give it to you if you are in the office with one of your children.

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